Primary and Seconary School art class

Primary and Seconary School art class

This year I decided to start teaching mandala workshops in schools.  It has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.

Class offered

How to draw a Mandala

Power point presentation

What is a mandala?

How does the Mandala relate to the world around us?

How can we use the Mandala in our lives?

Felt tip pens

A3 paper with grid work complete

Children’s mandalas may not be completed in the single lesson time frame and teachers are encouraged to continue these into another art class time.

Minimum requirement 3 consecutive lessons across one or several year levels. (preferred)

Pricing is calculated per student $5.00 per student.

If you wish to draw up your own grid (instructions supplied) on A3 paper the price is $3.00 per student. This could be completed as part of a Math project. The use of a compass, protractor and ruler is required.

My classes are suitable for ages 7 – 16 and lessons will be tailored to the appropriate year level.

Teaching Mandala drawing is a useful tool for many in terms of relaxation and mindfulness. During my classes students are encouraged to draw without expectations or judgement. I will help to get them started and to create confidently. They will learn to use their mistakes positively and successfully.


Edwardstown Primary

The presentation at the start engaged students to understand the benefits of Mandalas and also where they can be seen in nature and everyday life. Having the prompts for students about what they could include in the mandala and the freedom of even when you make a mistake, your mistake can make it look great and don’t erase it! That was awesome.

Morgan Scottney-Turbill

Edwardstown Primary School Year 6/7

We thought the Cathy Gray art incursion was fantastic.  Students had already been colouring pre-made mandalas during class relaxation time, but they loved creating their own.  We will definitely be continuing these in class time!

I have also recommended her to teacher friends at other schools who were interested 🙂 

Kind regards,

Caroline Fitzgerald

Room 1, Year 4/5 Teacher

Edwardstown Primary School

I thought that Cathy’s mandala workshop was excellent. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being outside of the classroom learning from a professional artist.  Cathy encouraged students to step out of the comfort zone and the artwork produced was of a high standard.  We will certainly be looking for opportunities for Cathy to work with us again soon.


Martin Richards

Years 5/6 Edwardstown Primary School