Primary Years Mandala Workshop

Years 2 to 7

1.5 hour workshop per class

$5.00 per child


Police clearance/RAN-EC Cert


1. Introduction to the mandala (it’s history, examples in nature & uses for wellbeing)
2. Creating the mandala (tools & technique)

3. Reflection and discussion

Links to the Australian Curriculum


Mathematics Measurement & Geometry – ACMMG042

Visual Arts – ACAVAM108

Health & PE- mental health and wellbeing


Mathematics Measurement & Geometry – ACMMG066

Visual Arts – ACAVAM110

Health & PE- mental health and wellbeing -ACPPS033


Mathematics Measurement & Geometry – ACMMG091

Visual Arts – ACAVAM110

Health & PE- mental health & wellbeing -ACPPS033


Mathematics Measurement & Geometry – ACMMG112

Visual Arts – ACAVAM116

Health & PE – mental health and wellbeing


Mathematics Measurement & Geometry – ACMNA133

Visual Arts – ACAVAM116

Health & PE – mental health and wellbeing


Mathematics Measurement & Geometry – ACMMG181

Visual Arts – ACAVAM120

Health & PE – ACPPS077

Cross-curriculum priorities Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Schools to supply felt tip pen and a pencil.  Cathy Gray Ink Work will supply all other materials.

Childrens mandalas may not be completed in that time frame and teachers are encouraged to continue these into another art class time.

Minimum requirement 3 consecutive lessons across one or several year levels.

Edwardstown Primary School Year 6/7

Morgan Scottney-Turbill

The presentation at the start engaged students to understand the benefits of Mandalas and also where they can be seen in nature and everyday life. Having the prompts for students about what they could include in the mandala and the freedom of even when you make a mistake, your mistake can make it look great and don’t erase it! That was awesome.

Edwardstown Primary School years 4/5

We thought the Cathy Gray art incursion was fantastic.  Students had already been colouring pre-made mandalas during class relaxation time, but they loved creating their own.  We will definitely be continuing these in class time! I have also recommended her to teacher friends at other schools who were interested :)

Kind regards,

Caroline Fitzgerald

Edwardstown Primary School years 5/6

I thought that Cathy’s mandala workshop was excellent. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being outside of the classroom learning from a professional artist.  Cathy encouraged students to step out of the comfort zone and the artwork produced was of a high standard.  We will certainly be looking for opportunities for Cathy to work with us again soon.


Martin Richards

Stirling East Primary School

Linda McClelland

We had Cathy work with 3 classes at our school and I can say it was the best incursion we have had. When your students work completely silently for 40 minutes you know they are engaged. Everyone loved what they produced. Thanks Cathy

St Raphaels Primary School

It was such a great incursion Cathy Gray. Thank you so much! Our students enjoyed it thoroughly and I loved the way that you encouraged each student and your motto that there is no wrong way of doing it as long as you start from the middle. My year 2s would have happily continued working on their mandalas for the rest of the day if I had permitted them to.

Kelly Davies

St Raphaels Primary School

Thank you Cathy for a great Incursion with my Year 3 class yesterday. They all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I too was inspired!

Louise Claire

Wilderness Junior School

Cathy’s workshop was an outstanding and rewarding learning experience for our Year Fives. We booked Cathy’s workshop as an incursion as part of our Maths curriculum. Our students were very inspired by Cathy’s art and so engaged in the processes. The session extended each child’s creative thinking and perseverance. The students went on to identify line symmetry and rotational symmetry within their designs and described rotations, translations and reflections. We very much look forward to working with Cathy again next year!

 Here are a few of the girls’ testimonials.

I think that learning mandalas with Cathy Gray helps kids with their fine motor skills. It helps me relax and calm down. I think Cathy Gray does a great job teaching kids. – Rose (Year 5)

I think that learning mandalas with Cathy Gray is helpful because you learn how to do mindfulness and learn how to relax.  – Lyla and Minnie (Year 5)