When I was asked to participate in ‘Bats for Will’ I jumped a the chance.

Robyn From Ballara

Well, yesterday was our final day of our month-long Warooka Bats for Will exhibition in Baker Bros. Gallery, located in the main street of our small town, Warooka. We’re so delighted to let you know that you’re part of a $8000+ fundraising effort towards the partnership of YP Leisure Options and Willo Industries. A most genuine and excited thank you to each and every one of you.

Ange Clarke – Willo Industries

Warooka Bats for Will supporters – YOU have helped us create not only a new benchmark standard and model of how we go forward with our Bats for Will exhibitions journey throughout rural Australia, but even more importantly, you’ve created a new level of awareness that I (Ange) and Willo so desperately work hard to achieve. Please do not ever doubt how deeply impactful a small, committed and passionate group of people can be, in creating vital awareness that absolutely transforms the lives of those around them, living with disability.

This awareness-building leads us to genuinely comprehend a fundamental fact; people don’t suffer from autism or suffer from a disability, people live with differences and so when you think of people like Will, he’s not suffering from the way he is – he suffers from the way he is perceived, he suffers from the lack of choice he is given, he suffers from not being seen for who he is and what he can do in his life.

In our two short years of Bats for Will, we have never seen the level of creativity, the level of community-mindedness or the level of inclusion displayed to us, whilst working with the Southern Yorke team (that is, the incredible humans involved with YP Leisure Options, Ballara/Baker Bros. Gallery, St Columba’s Memorial School, Warooka School and the generous and diverse artistic community). I say this with tears of gratitude in my eyes. A mural of Will looking out over Marion Bay is a huge part of our new Willo HQ – a small visual display of how this small but significant region has deeply touched our hearts.

So YP Leisure Options now refurbish cricket bats that go ALL around Australia, building more awareness, resulting in so much more understanding around the importance of choice, purpose, belonging and connections for those living with disabilities. Really, the beautiful works of art are just a conduit to opening doors to awareness, purpose, new friendships and all-round richer lives for the whole community.

The money raised from Warooka Bats for Will will help create a more inclusive and suitable space at YP Leisure Options, so that exciting and diverse activities and purposeful works can come from this capable and courageous group of people who meet, work and volunteer in Minlaton.

I’m constantly reminded that it’s not what happens to us in this life but how we respond, that matters most. If we choose to use our talents to help others, and choose to be more kind and compassionate to those who need our help, then we’ve all achieved the goal. The $8000 that you have helped us raise here in Warooka…it empowers us to keep making lives better.

With nothing but love, Ange

Each of you have either created, purchased outright, or successfully bid for a work of art, via the month-long silent auction. Over the next few days, you will receive an email from Robyn, with bank details for payment (for those who are yet to pay for their new bat/s) and instructions around collection of your beautiful Warooka Bats for Will artwork. Postage for those who cannot collect is possible at a cost of $20 per bat.

Thank you again, for making this beautiful journey towards awareness and purpose in our community and beyond, such a success.

Check out the Warooka Baker Bros Top Shop Gallery