Cathy Gray

Cathy’s work is all hand drawn in archival ink.  The delicacy is reminiscent of an embroiderer’s needlework and in particular, lace.  The complexity of design and exquisite execution are evidence of Cathy’s devotion to her work.  “…As time went on my art became more and more complex and structured, with any one piece taking up to 200 hours.”Her intricate and finely detailed works demonstrate a radial balance, drawing our gaze from the centre point.  The circle, considered the perfect shape in Ancient Greek culture, has been associated with both divine and natural symmetry.  It represents balance and can often symbolise harmony and unity.  Cathy’s works evoke harmonious balance and the peace felt creating the works is transferred to the viewer.  They invite quiet contemplation and introspection. Her work is available in Fine Art Reproduction Limited Edition Prints and originals may still be available on request.Cathy regularly holds Corporate and adult workshops and is available for one on one tuition.  She holds workshops for children in the school holidays and teaches mandala classes in both primary and high schools. Drawing mandalas is an art form that is achievable to all children and quickly builds confidence.She has more recently teamed up with Roaming Zen and Life Flow to hold workshops as part of their retreats.

SABI Designs

Sabi Designs is the creation of Cathy Gray and Karen Judd.Cathy and Karen are always looking for the perfect piece of timber. Each tree is a story waiting to be told.  The rings, curves, lines forever changing and leaving behind evidence of the trees connection to the earth and the life once lived.Once the timber has been salvaged the piece is then planed and sanded to remove any chainsaw marks. A smooth surface is created, the wood is then burned and the surface brushed to reveal the story. The surface is then inked and the paper or canvas is applied directly to the wood. The story is now captured forever. Long after the tree has fallen the wood continues to change. Cracks will appear, the wood will expand and shrink depending on the weather and because of this no two prints will be the same.Cathy and Karen have worked over the last 12 months sourcing paper that will truly do these prints justice and now work with handmade Japanese rice paper and stretched canvas for the larger pieces.