angaston-wood print-cathy gray- Karen Judd

Tree Prints – Original Collection – Cathy Gray & Karen Judd

These collaborative beautiful large scale tree prints pay tribute to a library of information each one of these trees hold.


The Dendrochronology not only tells us the age of the tree but the passage of time each tree has lived. Each tree grows one ring yearly. They show a story of drought, fire, disease, insect plagues, wildlife and excessive rain. Long after these trees have fallen, they continue to change shape. Exposure to rain and sun sees swelling, splitting and contracting.

We source these cross sections from fallen trees in the Adelaide Hills. They tell an environmental and human story. A marriage held under the shade of a once magnificent gum. The inspiration of the charcoal drawing of a cedar tree by Hans Heysen. A tree planted for a loved one passed too soon.


Each section, taken back to our studio where we plane, sand and char the surface. This process reveals the depth of the rings, a process that can take days to complete. Ink is then applied to the surface and the canvas to the ink, careful rubbing completes the process. We print 10 prints from each tree and every print will be unique. Images on our website may differ from the pieces you receive in regards to orientation. Please take note of the canvas size when measuring your space.  Images on this site may be produced in photoshop so may not represent size.

Adelaide Framer Elite Picture Framing
Queensland Framer Brightroom

Canvas framed Black, Oak or Oak and Black.


Commission pieces available on request