Nature’s Thumbprint

Cathy Gray and Karen Judd of SABI Design have created a unique black and white relief print of a slice of timber taken from an old radiate pine (Pinus radiate) outside Hans Heysen’s studio. When the ailing tree was removed in 2017, the artists received permission to take a piece and preserve it forever. A limited number of The Heysen prints are available from Cathy Gray Ink Work;

Sabi Designs – Karen Judd & Cathy Gray

We are beyond excited to release this A M A Z I N G piece.  The Heysen10 original pulled prints1520 x 1300 slightly larger when framed.6 months ago we were given permission to take a slice of this magnificent tree. Planted in the 1870’s the family would have had no idea of the importance of these 60 hectares in the back roads of Hahndorf. In 1909 Thomas and Florence Jackson bought the Cedars, life connection is Karen’s (one half of sabi designs) grandmother (who lives in Hahndorf, 103 year old) was their adopted daughter. In 1912 the property was sold to Hans Heysen, one of Australias most noted landscape artists. It is here he lived with his wife Sallie and their family of 8 children. In 1913 with its Pinus Radiatas gaurdians the now famous studio was completed. In 2017 this once magnificent tree came down. In 2018 we were given permission to take a piece to preserve this tree forever. Today we have been given permission to call this piece “The Heysen”.POA

Hans Heysen- The Studio
Photo from The Ceders
Had to bring in the big guns to slice this big one
Planing and sanding
1520 x 1300